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Keep up to date with our BBQ cooking tips and advice on and learn how to best cook your BBQ favourites with help from our in store experts and the chefs of Weber BBQs.

At Jones Garden Centre we are passionate about outdoor living and to live one must eat that’s why we love to BBQ cooking that is fun, tasty and most importantly outdoors. We want yo to make the most of your beautiful garden creation and why spend your evenings and weekends looking at it? You should be out in it enjoying everything it has to offer.

We want to show you how you can you use your BBQ for not just a big party or a weekend cook off but as a regular oven and cook everything from roast dinners to tasty cakes. We will have tips from some of the finest BBQ chefs in Europe as well as the everyday experts who have grown with us in their Weber BBQ experience.

How to choose an ideal BBQ for you.

Cleaning your BBQ

Getting started with your BBQ

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