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Bird Feeders and Food

At Jones Garden Centre we love birds and bird watchers, keeping wild birds fed through the harsh winter months is a very important task and we stock a large range of wild bird food and feeders to feed and attract the wild birds you love to see in your garden.

With changes in farming techniques evolving with efficiency and the supply of seeds and other traditional bird food sources available worryingly on the decrease it is becoming more and more important to provide food, shelter and care for wild birds. Our range of food, feeders and nesting boxes allow you feed the birds in a safe and clean manner which provides .

Ask the Outdoor Expert


Paul Graves

Paul is a member of the outdoor living team having joined the team in 2014 he rapidly grew in knowledge of Weber BBQs and our outdoor garden furniture ranges. You will find Paul on the shop floor engaging with customers on anything from BBQs to wild bird care.

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