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Lighting a Charcoal Kettle BBQ using a Chimney Starter

The easiest method for lighting charcoal for your Kettle BBQ is to use the Weber chimney starter, which is an upright metal cylinder with a handle on the outside and a wire rack inside. The Chimeny provides a stack effect for the charcoals to catch evenly and be all glowing when poured on the charcoal grate.

Lighting your Chimnay Jones Garden Centre STEP 1

Fill your chimney starter with your desired Charcoal a chimney full is enough for a 57cm Kettle.






Lighting your Chimnay Jones Garden CentreSTEP 2

Take 2-3 Weber Firelighter Cubes and place them on the charcoal grate and light (ensure that the bowl vent is full open so air can be drawn from below the BBQ if not the flames will not take and may die from lack of oxygen)



Lighting your Chimnay Jones Garden CentreStep 3

Place the full chimney over the lighters and the flames will channel through the coals and light each one in the process.




Lighting your Chimnay Jones Garden CentreStep 4

After 20-25 mins all the coals will be lighting and ready for cooking. Using Weber Cooking Gloves lift the chimney by the plastic handle use the swinging handle to guide and pour glowing charcoal across the charcoal grate of to either side of charcoal rails.

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  • Karel Lootens

    Hi no need for more than 1 lighter though… plenty!