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How to choose an ideal BBQ for you.

There are a number of question that must be answered before choosing the right BBQ for you.

We will start with the basics

  • Gas, Charcoal or Electrical?
  • Portable or Permenant fixture?
  • What will I be cooking and for whom

Now we will break down these basic questions and outline the attributes of each option

Gas, Charcoal or Electrical?


  • The quick and easy BBQ method no time wasted starting up charcoal before the cook
  • Minimal time spent cleaning up after the cook.
  • Easy temperature regulation and monitoring.
  • Easy changeover from Grilling to Roasting/Baking


  • The traditionalist the original BBQ method providing an authentic taste every time.
  • Using a chimney starter lighting is quicker than ever
  • Using the One Touch cleaning system cleaning has never been so easy.
  • Easy temperature regulation using vents and monitoring with lid thermometer


  • For those who are limited on space or living arrangements (apartment balconies)
  • For those who want a quick start without worry of fuel source
  • Easy temperature control with control knob for heat element

Portable or Permenant fixture?


  • The back garden fixture for those who see a garden as not complete without a BBQ
  • Takes the mess out of the kitchen and saves time on clean up and time spent indoors especially on fine summer evenings
  • For those who want the BBQ flavour as on option the whole year round


  • For those who want to have the joy of a back garden BBQ as well as the option to pack up and head to the park or beach.
  • For the active family who want to save on eating costs on day trips.
  • For those working on the road or outdoors a portable kitchen option.

What will I be cooking and for whom?

Simple small cuts for a small family in the back garden:
Sausages, burgers, chicken fillets the traditional, easy and practical BBQ meats.

Roast dinners for the extended family:
The traditional home cooked meal with cooked in the great doors gives it a BBQ twist.

Even large amounts of food at a party:
Entertaining for the masses and up to the challenge usually passed on to the caterers.

Now that you have picked the fuel source and decided on the manoeuvrability and scale of the BBQ you require it’s time to pick the model from the Weber range.

Weber Charcoal Kettle BBQs

Starting with the One Touch 47cm Compact through to the 57cm Mastertouch

Weber Portable Charcoal BBQs

From the stylish colourful 37cm Smokey Joe to the robust Charcoal Go Anywhere

Weber Q BBQs

From the ultimately portable Q1000 to the Family Q 3200 a stylish grill capable of feeding the family as the name suggests

Weber Portable Gas BBQs

The ultra portable Go Anywhere gas and the sleek Q1000 make for great car boot BBQs and great for picnicking and beach days.

Weber Gas BBQs

Become a “Back Yard Hero”  and save the day on a daily basis with the Weber gas range. From the entry level compact Spirit E210 to the Genesis E330 the King of the Back Year and on to the catering level Summit S670

We hope this blog has been helpful in your decision process of selecting the ideal BBQ for you. You can view our full range of Weber BBQs in our Web Shop or in store.

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