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Starter Packs

We have everything you need to start growing from children’s tools and gloves to seeds and compost.

You don’t need the sun to shine all year or a large garden patch to give your child the gift of growing. Kit the children out for the growing season with all they need to get them growing. from a selection of wellies and gloves to a large range of easy to grow windowsill seeds and mini grow houses to let them grow all year round.

Start small and grow huge with simple sunflowers, all you will need is:

  1. A packet of Unwins Little Growers Sunflower Seeds
  2. A small bag of Westland Seed and Cutting Compost
  3. 8-10 small plastic pots

Now follow these 3 simple steps

Step 1. Sow


Fill small pots with Seed and Cutting Compost, make a small hole in the compost in larger pots you can make 2 0r 3 holes. drop a single seed into each hole and cover with a thin layer of compost.Water lightly and position in a warm place with plenty of light.

Step 2. Grow


Seeds will germinate in 4-10 days depending on the season. do not ovr water allow the compost to slightly dry between waterings. turn and rotate pots if there is differing levels of light in the growing area to prevent the seedlings from getting leggy. When the roots have filled the pot it is time to pot up to a larger pot using more Seed and Cutting Compost or a Multi Purpose Compost

Step 3. Plant out and Enjoy


Choose a sunny position in the garden and plant your sunflowers in a flower bed or in pots around the garden. plnt into Westland Multi Purpose Compost with added John Innes. dig a hole in the compost the same width and depth as the root ball of the plant, remove the plant from its plastic pot and the roots into the hole cover remaining depth with compost and water in.

Ask the Gardening Expert


Christopher Lynders

Chris joined Jones Garden Centre in 2015 A Student and Graduate of The National Botanical Gardens and is a keen gardener his area of expertise ranges from pots and hanging baskets to herbaceous cottage gardens and allotment vegetables. A member of our plants team Chris is available for planting advice and troubleshooting your gardening queries. Chris is a local friendly face and is a first port of call for our customers in the garden centre who usual proceed with their visit with a smile on their face.

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