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Planting with Children

Planting is fun and educational teaching a child to look after plants and watch them grow from seed to colourful masses of flowers or edible delights. And it might also help to get them eating their greens.

There is amazing fun to be had with your children digging in the dirt, planting seeds and dreaming about the flowers and plants that will soon arrive. Having a green thumb isn’t just for the seasoned gardener we believe it is for the entire family – young to old.

Little Growers at Jones Garden Centre Stone Plant Names

Little Tips for Little Growers

  1. Plants take time to grow and there is a waiting game with no immediate satisfaction. If your looking for quick turnaround time think about planting lettuce, radishes, snow peas or cherry tomatoes.
  2. When planting flowers or plants think simple. Variations like sunflowers, poppies, marigolds are full of colour but most of all forgiving when it comes to care.
  3. A really good way of coming up with ideas is to think of a theme and planting around that idea. Perhaps you have a child who is interested in fairies so plant a succulent garden with little fairy sized pathways or maybe they love pizza so plant a garden with tomatoes, herbs and peppers.
  4. A love of gardening comes from knowledge. Teach your child about germination, flowering and pollinating.
  5. Encourage your child to check their garden on the progress of their seedlings and draw their findings into their own gardening book.
  6. Encourage creativity in their garden by letting your child decorate signs or stones to identify their plants.
  7. Teach your child how some insects are helpful in the garden and some are destructive.

Remember! You don’t need a large space for your child’s garden. Herbs, lettuce and plants can all be grown in pots for your window sills or patio.

Ask the Outdoor Expert


Paul Graves

Paul is a member of the outdoor living team having joined the team in 2014 he rapidly grew in knowledge of Weber BBQs and our outdoor garden furniture ranges. You will find Paul on the shop floor engaging with customers on anything from BBQs to wild bird care.

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