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Design your Little Grower Garden

Gardening and growing is a great way to get children active and learning on weekends and throughout the summer. At Jones Garden Centre we love to see children getting into growing and we are here to help introduce them to the world of gardening.

Unsure where to start or what plants are suitable for your little ones?

Step 1: Pick your area

Start by picking out an area in the garden that you and your child can both work on together. Keep the area small enough that it will be manageable.

Step 2: Design your garden

Plan your garden with your child. Look at photos and on Pinterest to get some great ideas. It is always good to start with a theme; Fairy Garden, Pizza Garden, Edible Garden, Butterfly Garden etc.

Step 3: Visit the Garden Centre

Take a trip with your child to Jones Garden Centre and we will advise you on the soil and feeds for your plants. Then let your child pick the plants. They will be more invested if a plant is actually their own.

We would also advise buying them some gardening gloves and tiny shovels. They are super inexpensive and little kids love having their own tools for a job.

Step 4: Let them get dirty!

Kids love getting muddy and you have to turn a blind eye to this and allow them to get as involved in planting and pulling weeds. Show them how to plant correctly and how to care for their plants. This might involve finding worms and bugs but that’s all part of the fun.

Let them water the plants, clean up their mess and be super proud of their achievements.

Step 5 – Eat the harvest

The very best part of growing vegetables and herbs is being able to eat them. Make a big deal of the vegetables being ready to pick, clean them and let your child help cook them.


Ask the Outdoor Expert


Paul Graves

Paul is a member of the outdoor living team having joined the team in 2014 he rapidly grew in knowledge of Weber BBQs and our outdoor garden furniture ranges. You will find Paul on the shop floor engaging with customers on anything from BBQs to wild bird care.

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