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Planning ahead for colour and garden satisfaction the whole year round. Jones Garden Centre keep a fully stocked garden centre 12 months of the year so you can keep your garden dream alive all year long.

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Thomas Smyth

Thomas is the newest member of our Horticultural team having joined the team in Autumn 2015. Thomas is a fully trained horticulturist and comes to us with 12 years experience and has trained in the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Thomas is on hand to share his expertise in all aspects of gardening and specialises in herbaceous plants and roses.

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  • Jackie Carty

    I’m looking to buy a miniture Japanese mapel tree ide like some prices on these and information on growing it

  • Hi Jackie, Minature Japanese Maples are in stock and start from €24.95 and go up as far as €149.95 depending on variety and maturity. They are best suited to sheltered locations away from winds and excessive sunlight they require good soil and lime free conditions which can be created by planting in ericaceous compost and feeding only with ericaceous feed and water with rain water.

  • Jennifer Walker Kelly

    Hi am looking to buy some whitebeam and mountain ash trees, a good decent size,have you them in stock? would like them for the bank hol weekend

    • Hi Jennifer, Yes we have both Whitebeam and Mountain Ash in stock in a number of varieties priced at €39.95 height circa. 7ft



      • Jennifer Walker Kelly

        Thanks Glen was there this morning and got them.

  • Peter Galligan

    Peter Galligan jnr

  • Peter Galligan

    Peter Galligan jnr Hello my friends I have been in your lovely garden centre I go quite a lot and I enjoy all your beautiful plants and strobes thank you

  • Peter Galligan

    Thanks jone