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The dream of a lush green carpet in your garden is common amongst gardeners across the country. “Lawn envy” is sweeping housing estates across the country at here at Jones garden centre we have the quality products and expert advice to help you stand proud with the finest of green lawns.

A lush green lawn can be very simple to achieve if simple rules are followed and a starting point is probably the most difficult thing to find. Work with simple goals in mind and always remember the road is long sometimes up to a year but the reward is great. A great Time to start is at the beginning of the growing season usually around March.

See our lawn improvement guides and watch out for expert tips on how to achieve your very own green carpet.


Ask the BBQ Expert


Glen Morgan

Glen joined Jones Garden Centre in 2007 and forms part of the outdoor living team as well as being a keen Hobby Gardner. Glen is always on hand to offer tips on anything from BBQ cooking to creating a lush green lawn.

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