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Garden Maintenance

Keep ahead of the changing seasons and the changes in your garden all year. The expert staff at Jones Garden Centre are on hand to educate and provide you with the tools to help you plan your garden maintenance schedule tailored to your garden.

Garden Maintenance does not have to take up all your free time nor should it be dreaded. Some of the main reasons the garden clean up is so difficult is because it is left till the very last chore. A simple approach is often the best little and often much like around the house the spring clean is a lot easier when its kept on top of week to week. So take some “me time” once a week put the headphones in and head into the garden for a half hour.

You will find yourself more relaxed from the me time and also find yourself enjoying the garden while relaxing in it than looking at the mess pondering when you will find time to spend a weekend gutting it. Take time to wander through your garden once a week and take note this will help you keep abreast of the to do list and also highlight issues such as slugs and insect attack before the damage is irreversible all the while basking in the glory of your creation.

Ask the Gardening Expert


Christopher Lynders

Chris joined Jones Garden Centre in 2015 A Student and Graduate of The National Botanical Gardens and is a keen gardener his area of expertise ranges from pots and hanging baskets to herbaceous cottage gardens and allotment vegetables. A member of our plants team Chris is available for planting advice and troubleshooting your gardening queries. Chris is a local friendly face and is a first port of call for our customers in the garden centre who usual proceed with their visit with a smile on their face.

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