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Where to Start

Clearing the canvas is the best please to begin your very own garden and here at Jones Garden Centre we are here to provide to tools and knowledge need to wipe the canvas clean. From killing off weeded areas to pulling out unwanted shrubs we have the quality products and advice for you to achieve this in the best possible way.

To achieve a blank canvas can be very simple yet will most likely take the most amount of elbow grease equip yourself with the correct tools and garden products forks and spades, weed killers and rakes we have the lot coupled with advice from experienced gardeners can send you to the garden ready for the task now you will need your manpower we will leave that to you.

Now that your canvas is blank or sufficiently so join us in store with the some simple necessities such as a rough map of your garden with the location of flower bed and approximate sizes as well as the all important orientation use a compass for this most smart phones will help you with this as well as taking a few photos of your garden. From this we can help you with your garden projects big and small and advise on what plants to plant and where to plant based on your location, area and most importantly your preference and style.

Ask the Gardening Expert


Christopher Lynders

Chris joined Jones Garden Centre in 2015 A Student and Graduate of The National Botanical Gardens and is a keen gardener his area of expertise ranges from pots and hanging baskets to herbaceous cottage gardens and allotment vegetables. A member of our plants team Chris is available for planting advice and troubleshooting your gardening queries. Chris is a local friendly face and is a first port of call for our customers in the garden centre who usual proceed with their visit with a smile on their face.

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