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Shaded Gardens

Shaded gardens can be difficult and off putting to aspiring gardeners however a large range of shrubs and trees which are suited to shady areas will help you add colour and year round interest to the dullest of gardens and flowerbeds.

Shaded gardens and flowerbeds have other advantages over the gardens and beds more open to the sun. Trees that are blocking the sunlight are also providing a year-round centre point based around which allows your planting be enhanced and complemented. Other sun blockers such as walls and buildings provide a back drop to your beds while keeping temperature and sunlight down and protecting your plants from harsh winds which aids to reduce maintenance required over the year.

Just as sunny gardens allow you to grow certain plants that shady areas do not, reduced light areas permit growth of plants that cannot tolerate direct sunlight such as timeless Ferns and vibrant Astilbe. From a comfort perspective, working in a shaded garden spares the gardener from toiling under the hot sun. This benefit can be particularly important for very young, elderly, or heat-sensitive gardeners. Make the most of your shaded areas in your garden and use walls for growing partial shade loving climbing Hydrangea, fragrant Sarcococca and cover the ground cover such as Vinca.

Aside from planting and maintenance shaded areas can be left untouched and reserved for placement of a bench to provide a cool spot for a morning coffee and refuge from the sun on sunny days.

Ask the Gardening Expert


Christopher Lynders

Chris joined Jones Garden Centre in 2015 A Student and Graduate of The National Botanical Gardens and is a keen gardener his area of expertise ranges from pots and hanging baskets to herbaceous cottage gardens and allotment vegetables. A member of our plants team Chris is available for planting advice and troubleshooting your gardening queries. Chris is a local friendly face and is a first port of call for our customers in the garden centre who usual proceed with their visit with a smile on their face.

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