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Patio Gardens

For those with the minimal amount of space we have a large range of plants and pots in stock to fit the smallest patio gardens. So urban dwellers can also share the joy of growing and all that comes with it.

A garden can be created in most outdoor spaces such as decks, driveways and balconies, the patio garden can be made simply and comes with easier maintenance due to its restricted nature and it is also versatile and easily changed with the season, with the circumstances or simply with changing tastes.

Simply start with a pot or container selected on the basis of the area available and other activities overlapping in the area traditional round pots may not always be a solution in tight spaces round pots tend to be intrusive where long troughs can be more space friendly. Hanging pots and baskets also help lift the eye in tight spaces where there is not much that can be done at low level such as on balconies and in driveways. Pots and containers can be easily filled and refreshed and inexpensive with the correct arrangement of summer and winter bedding and training plants.

Ask the Gardening Expert


Christopher Lynders

Chris joined Jones Garden Centre in 2015 A Student and Graduate of The National Botanical Gardens and is a keen gardener his area of expertise ranges from pots and hanging baskets to herbaceous cottage gardens and allotment vegetables. A member of our plants team Chris is available for planting advice and troubleshooting your gardening queries. Chris is a local friendly face and is a first port of call for our customers in the garden centre who usual proceed with their visit with a smile on their face.

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