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Designing and Planning

Starting with a compass and a rough map of your garden,  meet any of our experts to begin your garden journey. We are on hand to inspire and advise you from day one of your garden project.

Design your garden from day one with the workload you can see yourself keeping up with and avoid extravagant planting displays if you do not see yourself putting in the work to keep up with the tying back, dead heading and cutting back work more with simple flowering shrubs and rotate summer and winter bedding plants to inject colour with the changing seasons.

Plan your garden project with the time at your disposal be it a free bank holiday to get it all done or a set day of the week each week for a year. This will help you get it right when it comes to buying in the garden centre the one off weekend project takes a lot more research than a year long week in week out project where knowledge can be gained over the course of the project.

At Jones garden centre we have specific departments within our plant area to help you find the right plants for your garden such as Coastal plants, Shaded area plants and low growing and tall shrubs.

Ask the Horticulturist


Thomas Smyth

Thomas is the newest member of our Horticultural team having joined the team in Autumn 2015. Thomas is a fully trained horticulturist and comes to us with 12 years experience and has trained in the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Thomas is on hand to share his expertise in all aspects of gardening and specialises in herbaceous plants and roses.

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