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Our Jones Family are here to help you in any way we can.

Ask the BBQ Expert


Nigel McEvoy

Nigel joined Jones Garden Centre in 2016 and works as Garden Centre General Manager. Nigel is always on hand to help with any of your queries.

Ask the Kitchen Expert


Kitchen Team

A team of passionate cooks headed up by our head chef Shane who has created all our recipes and together with Camille has come up with the tasty menu offered on a daily basis in Mrs. Jones Farm Kitchen. Our kitchen team believe homemade and homegrown are the key to our early success and have built on this by using our very own home grown herbs grown in Jones Garden Centre as well as our supply of locally grown produce from neighbouring suppliers.

Ask the Farm Kitchen Expert


Mrs Jones Farm Kitchen Team

Camille and Louise are our Restaurant Front of House Managers they run a team of passionate staff with a wide range of experience. The team are all barista trained and have a passion for quality food and excellent customer service.

Ask the Outdoor Expert


Paul Graves

Paul is a member of the outdoor living team having joined the team in 2014 he rapidly grew in knowledge of Weber BBQs and our outdoor garden furniture ranges. You will find Paul on the shop floor engaging with customers on anything from BBQs to wild bird care.

Ask the Horticulturist


Thomas Smyth

Thomas is the newest member of our Horticultural team having joined the team in Autumn 2015. Thomas is a fully trained horticulturist and comes to us with 12 years experience and has trained in the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Thomas is on hand to share his expertise in all aspects of gardening and specialises in herbaceous plants and roses.

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  • Anne Coffey

    Hi Thomas I’m looking for a tree I think it’s called a weeping tony aster ?it’s a miniature evergreen with white berries in spring and red berries winter .would u know what I’m talking about if so. Do u have them and what price are they many tks in advance Anne

  • Hi Anne Sorry for the delay in reply, yes we do have the tree its called Cotoneaster Hybridus Pendulus or Weeping Cotoneaster Tree. They are in stock priced €39.95.
    Many Thanks,